What a Long, Strange Year It Has Been

Who else is ready for the new year? I know I am! Everything about this year has been so bizarre. The kids started Spring Break. That Spring Break ended up lasting the entire summer. Masks became the norm and, in some cases, a new way to accessorize. People lost their jobs at an alarming rate.Continue reading “What a Long, Strange Year It Has Been”

Random Facts About Me

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Actually, calling it a holiday doesn’t accurately describe how I feel about it. It’s a lifestyle. 2. I love horror movies. As Above So Below and the Conjuring series (including Annabelle) are my favorites. 3. I am beyond terrified of spiders, but I’m actively trying to overcome the fear.Continue reading “Random Facts About Me”

Top 5 Favorite Songs

It’s hard to put the songs I love in a top anything, because there are so many different songs covering all genres that speak to me on a soul level. They all definitely qualify as favorites, but these are my top five. 1. Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin 2. One More Light by Linkin ParkContinue reading “Top 5 Favorite Songs”

Plant Wish List!

With the recent addition of new plants to my collection and items removed from my wish list, I started thinking and putting together a new wish list of what I want to buy. I love plants. In my own opinion, they brighten up the home and make it feel…cleaner. Here are my top ten mostContinue reading “Plant Wish List!”

5 Makeup Bag Must-Haves

Every girl has things in her makeup bag that she cannot live without. These are my top five staples. They are the things I will absolutely purchase again and again without hesitation. e.l.f. Keep Your Curl Mascara I’ve tried so many different mascaras. Some had low price points, some were definitely splurges. The one thatContinue reading “5 Makeup Bag Must-Haves”

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