I Couldn’t Think of a Catchy Title

Seriously, for this post, I just couldn’t. I am on day four of no caffeine and my brain just isn’t functioning. I know it’ll get better but, right now, it just sucks. Last week, I went to the doctor to have my thyroid checked. I checked it by myself back in March through Everlywell whenContinue reading “I Couldn’t Think of a Catchy Title”

What a Long, Strange Year It Has Been

Who else is ready for the new year? I know I am! Everything about this year has been so bizarre. The kids started Spring Break. That Spring Break ended up lasting the entire summer. Masks became the norm and, in some cases, a new way to accessorize. People lost their jobs at an alarming rate.Continue reading “What a Long, Strange Year It Has Been”

Week in Review

It’s Sunday morning and the house is quiet. My older children are at church, the baby is sleeping, and my sweet husband is at work. I’m sitting in my living room enjoying the sunshine coming in through the large window and French doors, sipping Earl Gray, and thinking about the things I need to getContinue reading “Week in Review”

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Last night, I sat down to watch “A Life on Our Planet”. I never miss an opportunity to watch Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries. He is, without doubt, one of my favorite people on this stunning blue marble that we call home. David Attenborough is 93 years old. In those nine decades, he has seen everyContinue reading “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet”

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