Week in Review

It’s Sunday morning and the house is quiet. My older children are at church, the baby is sleeping, and my sweet husband is at work. I’m sitting in my living room enjoying the sunshine coming in through the large window and French doors, sipping Earl Gray, and thinking about the things I need to get done today. I’m procrastinating.

It’s not that I do not want to get all of those things done. I do, but I also want to relax and enjoy the silence. The whole house smells of the roast that’s cooking. It’s delightful. I plan to serve it tonight with rolls, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. The kids will go to bed easier with full stomachs and that’ll make them easier to get up for school tomorrow.

Speaking of school, my children returned to traditional classrooms this past Monday. It was time. After months at home, they were noticeably tired of each other’s company. Every minor transgression was a grand injustice and it showed. In addition to that, they no longer had the will to do their online school work or make an effort to pass their open-note tests and quizzes. My patience was hanging by a thread.

The house was blissfully quiet over the course of the week. Presley actually took naps. I was able to get things done. It was wonderful.

So, what have I been up to this week?


On my birthday, my sister-in-law gave me a few plants. One of those plants was a bicolor Caladium. It was beautiful. The poor plant didn’t last a day. My cats destroyed it that evening while we were out for dinner. I just knew it was a goner, but I decided to keep it anyway. Over the weeks, I continued watering it, even though it showed no signs of life. What was left of the stems had turned black and I was so disappointed. That’s why I was elated when I went to water it this week and noticed a gorgeously vibrant leaf had grown. My Caladium wasn’t dead after all!

I somehow managed to bring it back from absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, this beautiful plant will soon go dormant until Spring when it will come back to life. I’ll be keeping my cats far away from it!


I decided to make my own fall decor this year because I can rarely find what I’m looking for and, when I do, it’s always rather expensive. After a bit of shopping around at Dollar Tree, Walmart, and a few other local stores, I’ve managed to get everything I need. While I’m still working on my pumpkins, the wreath is finished and the very large pumpkin that my husband made is painted and on display in our yard.

In addition to the pumpkin and wreath, I put together a floral arrangement, which i absolutely love, for my bathroom counter.


My son was finally able to bring home all of his art from the previous school year this week and it occurred to my how genuinely incredible he is in the creative department. There wasn’t a single piece that I didn’t love. Honestly, I cannot wait to frame it and get it hung around the house.

For 11 years old, I think he’s very talented. After seeing this, I went out and purchased a sketch book and good pencils for him. I can only hope to help nurture that talent and watch it grow.


My week wasn’t incredibly exciting, but it was a definite change of pace after months of what felt like the same day occurring on a loop. I’ve had some much needed time to myself and that’s everything. I was able to finally get grow bags started, albeit a bit late in the season, and the house started clean for longer than an hour at a time. Yay for small victories!

I hope all of you had a lovely week! Comment below and let me know!


Published by Quinn

Hi! I'm Quincyanna or, as most people call me, Quinn. I am a mommy to four smart, adorable, sometimes difficult little monsters. I am a lover of plants and animals of all kinds. I am big on self-care and self-love because you cannot pour from an empty vessel. You have to take care of yourself.

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