Random Facts About Me

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Actually, calling it a holiday doesn’t accurately describe how I feel about it. It’s a lifestyle.

2. I love horror movies. As Above So Below and the Conjuring series (including Annabelle) are my favorites.

3. I am beyond terrified of spiders, but I’m actively trying to overcome the fear.

4. I’m that kind of awkward where I’m really quiet at first but I’ll tell you my whole life story if you get me talking. Like, within the first few minutes of meeting you.

5. I’ve never been into parties or clubs. Actually, I can’t think of anything I dislike more than being in a crowded room full of drunk people.

6. I’ve never lied about my age. I do not understand the fascination with lying about your age.

7. I prefer a quiet night at home over a night out with friends.

8. I’m good at committing to things, like doctor appointments and family gatherings, and then looking for any reason to get out of actually following through with them. Hanging out with my cats is a perfectly acceptable reason.

9. I am a survivor of sexual assault. The events took place when I was in 2nd grade.

10. My favorite food is sushi.

11. I prefer the mountains over the beach.

12. My dream home is a Hobbit hole.

13. I am a practicing witch. I began truly practicing two years ago.

14. I love hot tea. My favorite is this delightful little blend called La Luna Tea. It can be found here and pairs really well with the Raspberry Rose sugar from the same shop.

15. Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, New Girl, and Gossip Girl are some of my favorite television shows.

16. Bleach, Death Note, and Little Witch Academia are my favorite anime.

17. I prefer Autumn and Winter over Summer and Spring.

18. I met my husband at work.

19. I love to read and own way too many books, yet somehow no where near enough.

20. I love growing things. I have my own herb garden in my backyard and I’m working on a vegetable garden. It’s lovely not having to buy herbs.

21. I love to draw, but I haven’t done so in years.

22. I dabble in photography.

23. Earthbound is my all-time favorite game.

24. I enjoy meditating beneath a moonlit sky and so so frequently.

25. I want to be an astrophysicist, but I fear it’s far too late in my life to try.

26. Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson are two of my favorite people.

27. I am a shameless Taylor Swift fan.

28. My favorite color is shamrock green.

29. I’m obsessed with clothes, shoes, and handbags.

30. I enjoy doing SFX makeup, but I am only a novice.


Published by Quinn

Hi! I'm Quincyanna or, as most people call me, Quinn. I am a mommy to four smart, adorable, sometimes difficult little monsters. I am a lover of plants and animals of all kinds. I am big on self-care and self-love because you cannot pour from an empty vessel. You have to take care of yourself.

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